Forestry Swing Machine picks up and harvests a tree.

              This is how we
              play pick-up sticks.

              LIVING JOHN DEERE

              Vintage photo of six loggers in the stand in front of a pick-up truck with three felled trees strapped to the top.

              A Legacy of Determination and Deere

              Long before becoming fully mechanized, Mattey Bros., Ltd. logged with crosscut saws and teams of horses.

              Painted portrait of Charles Deere Wiman

              Charles Deere Wiman, Aviation Pioneer

              Our history: The leader who lifted John Deere aviation off the ground.

              Mark Milbourne, a John Deere marine dealer.

              New Power for Deere Lady

              Mark Milbourne is a John Deere marine dealer who holds claim as the first dealer to put a John Deere marine engine into service.

              Two hands cupped together full of wheat.

              3rd Quarter Earnings Call

              Fri., August 16th, 2019 9:00 AM CDT

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